Lead Removal System Mechanical

Safe, Effective, Unique Control when it Matters


Flexibility Combined With Control

  • Safe
  • Effective
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  • Control When It Matters


Hero Removal Mechanic System with a new generation design to effectively remove cardiac leads. Provides flexibility, control and security.

Hero Lead Removal Mechanical System is an intra-operative device designed to facilitate the percutaneous removal of cardiac leads, indwelling catheters, and foreign objects from the vasculature. Hero Lead Removal Mechanical System is used in conjunction with conventional lead extraction tools (e.g., locking stylets, outer sheaths). The components of the Hero Lead Removal Mechanical System device include an inner and outer shaft and a handheld drive mechanism.

Detailed specifications

HeroRemoval Mechanic System With a new generation design to effectively remove cardiac leads. provides flexibility, control, and security.

Flexible Shaft

Hero Lead Removal Mechanic System, enables the removal and replacement of surgically implanted devices, which by design are connected to the heart, with all their components. The area where the lead wires are connected to the pulse generator is opened and the lead wires are disconnected. Mechanical sheaths are then placed over the wires to release them from the body and this ensures that the wires are safely removed from the body.

Bidirectional mechanism

The bidirectional mechanism is effectively designed.

It shows excellent results in commonly encountered fibrous and calcified lesions.

Rotating 574° - 287 degrees with each full trigger activation.

Clockwise and 287 degrees counterclockwise by extending the blade by only 0.5 mm.

Static outer shaft

As the outer shaft does not rotate with the blade, an outer sheath is optional according to your preference.

With its flexibility, shielded blade, and static shaft, the Hero Removal Mechanic System provides the critical control and precision you seek in lead removal procedures.

Protected dilatation blade

The expanding blade remains shielded until activated, giving you control and allowing you to safely counter traction at the distal end of the targeted lead.

Flexibility Combined With Control

Safe, Effective, Unique
Control When It Matters

HeroTransvenous lead extraction is the first choice of most doctors because of its effectiveness and ease of use. 

Heroprovides the physician with the flexibility and traction needed to safely terminate the procedure. The system incorporates a stable traction platform with a braided mesh to securely lock in place across the entire lead lumen.
The device's flexible shaft helps physicians remain co-axial with the electrode wire. The unique shaft technology facilitates advancement through tortuous vasculature and commonly encountered fibrotic and calcified lesions.
The bidirectional mechanism rotates 574° (287° clockwise and 287° anti-clockwise) with each full trigger activation, extending the blade only 0.02 in. or 0.5 mm.

Order Number Device outer diameter Working Length Outer sheath outer diameter Size Device inner diameter
CR1046 18.0F 18.7" / 47.5 cm 23.0F 11F 11.2F
CR1047 20.0F / 18.7" / 47.5 cm 25.0F 13F 13.2F
CR1048 15.9F 18.7” / 47.5 cm 20.0F 9F 9.2F